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An Innovative Leader for Health Coaching Resources to Achieve Optimal Health, One Day at a Time.

Where the Health Seeker and Health Coach can become an active part of the solution to prevent and reverse chronic lifestyle diseases in today's virtual world. 


Health Coaches: Hope Dealers of the Future

We educate, elevate, and empower you to become your own health advocate while growing a profession of coaches to reach more people who need us.

VCL is a HUB for quality health coaching, education, and advancement of the the health coaching profession.  We are growing one service at a time focusing on value for those we serve.  

YOU are our priority.  VCL is a 100% Virtual platform to fit into your lifestyle.  We offer various types of resources because we understand not everyone has the same learning style and interests.  We provide tools, support, and accountability in niche areas that address your unmet health and well-being needs.  

The health seeker  struggling with chronic health concerns can achieve both rapid relief and a transformative health experience.  Our only goal is to help you get well and STAY well!

Services align with addressing the interconnectedness of our core pillars of wellness: movement, nutrition, sleep, mindfulness, and emotional connection and their affect on the body from the symptoms you are experiencing. 

The health coach can connect clients to additional health resources, access continued education to expand their coaching skills and business practice, and network with VCL to expand the profession of health coaching.

The licensed health care practitioner can confidently refer patient's to VCL to receive support  and accountability needed to make sustainable lifestyle changes - AKA the work necessary in-between office visits. 

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Adapted from the Center for Disease Control   

Our Nation is getting sicker because our health system has flaws.  BIG money is spent in advertising for supplements, fad diets, and quick fixes that don't address the root of the problem.  People find themselves getting frustrated at "failed" attempts to get better.  People are losing hope that there is someone who they can trust and will put their needs first. 

It's Time to Change the Narrative of Poor Health Solutions as the Norm!

Two Paths, One Destination

We meet you where you are, and take you where you want to be!
Go from confused about what to do with your health, to having a roadmap to take an active role in your well-being journey!

Health Seekers

Access a road map to set-up a business and continued education to broaden your coaching skills so you can do what you do best, help your clients!

Health Coaches